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Hybrid Workplaces Holiday Party Ideas

The holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means - the office holiday party is just around the corner too. Hooray! The office holiday party can be one of the best times of the year for everyone involved. They help bring everyone together and boost team

Glossary of the Hybrid Workplace

It’s hard keeping up with business lingo, but our handy glossary will make things so much easier. Below you will find many of the terms relevant to the modern workplace. Hybrid Working: Hybrid working is a flexible working model that allows employees to work from the company office, their

6 Tips for Dealing with Return to Office Push-Back

Covid-19 completely changed how we live and work. Many people who had never worked from home before began doing so around Spring 2020, and a large number of those are still at their home offices. A recent U.S. survey found that 56% of working Americans still work remotely either

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: A 4-Step Path to Implementation

President Biden’s recently implemented six-step strategy for combating the continuing surge of COVID-19 chiefly concerns itself with vaccinating the unvaccinated. Under that strategy, OSHA (The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has created a new rule. All employers with 100+ employees must require all employees to

How to Deal With Return-to-Work Anxiety

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 70% of all employees worked from home. Then, as vaccines began to roll out, workers slowly returned to the physical office, only to be confronted with the vaccine-resistant Delta variant. The new variant, plus the arrival of winter, is already leading to fresh closures and revised

Companies Can Use These Secure Apps as Vaccine Passes

With the COVID-19 infection rate on the decline, and vaccination rates steadily increasing, companies worldwide are planning a return back to the office. But with any return to work during a pandemic, the worries will follow: Can workplaces be safe? And how do you guarantee that to your workers? Can

Top 5 Managerial Traits to Thrive in a Hybrid Workplace

Work has changed. Studies such as a recent report by Accenture show that 63% of high-revenue growth companies now embrace hybrid workforce models, while 51% of employers prefer the hybrid working model. The ongoing pandemic has driven many office-based workers across the globe to work from home, accelerating the growth

How Does Hot Desking Work?

Corporate offices are shifting from being workplaces to workspaces, according to Gartner analysts. Employees have become accustomed to the benefits (and drawbacks) of working from home, and there is a huge push for businesses of all sizes to adopt hybrid work models. However, the office is far from forgotten. 74%

Hybrid work policies at major U.S. companies, with examples

Companies the world over are going hybrid. Although the trend of flexible working was on the rise before 2020, the pandemic condensed years of progress towards flexible working into a few short weeks! Now, a survey of major employers demonstrates that more than 80% maintain that their employees will have