Free up your
meeting rooms.

Book Meetings Instantly

Zynq automatically picks the best time & room for meetings.

Stop wasting time playing tetris with calendars and scavenging for rooms. Use Zynq to maximize your room real estate and free up big rooms by 50%.

Zynq chooses the perfect time for meetings so your employees can be as productive as possible.

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Plan Your Growth

Doubling your headcount but not your sqft? We can help.

We'll crunch all the numbers and tell you exactly where you need to invest to maximize your ROI. Our growth-tested algorithms have your back so you have one less thing to worry about as you hyperscale.

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Maximize Room Usage

Increase availability by 50% for big conference rooms

Instantly Schedule Meetings

Never struggle to find a mutually free time or room again

Plan Your Growth

Smart suggestions help plan how to grow your office

Leadership Team

All our team members are certified organic and non-GMO

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Ex-Google (G Suite), Ex-Microsoft

David Cottrell


Ex-Google (G Suite)

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