Return to the office safely

Contact Tracing

Zynq automatically tracks employees that are coming to the office & what resources they're using.

If anyone contracts an illness, we'll help you figure out who to contact with precautionary info.

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Plan Your Floorplan

As more employees start coming to the office, you'll need to figure out how to adjust your floorplan to maintain physical distancing.

We provide you with the right day-by-day data to help you craft a safe office environment that meets your employees' needs & meets local health guidelines.

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Bookable Work Desks

Configure role-specific desks for employees to use when coming to work

Data Driven Floor Plans

Use real-time data to make decisions on how to design your floorplan

Safe Work Environment

Keep a tab on physical interactions in the office & take proactive measures

Leadership Team

All our team members are certified organic and non-GMO

Zerzar Bukhari


Ex-Google (G Suite), Ex-Microsoft

David Cottrell


Ex-Google (G Suite)

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