Office Management for the Flexible Future

The all-in-one office management platform that organizes people, space and time.


Make the office the heart of your company culture

Give your employees the tools to maximize face-to-face time

Bookable Desks

Flexibility is key to a productive & happy workforce. Let your employees choose when they'd like to come to the office and where they'll sit.

Contact Tracing

Tracing interactions limits spread. Zynq constantly monitors office interactions to help craft targeted messages to anyone that may have been exposed.

Access & Tracking

Exercise full control over who can come into your offices and reserve specific areas. Track every office visit and build custom reports for a complete analysis.

Buddies Sync

Get notified when close colleagues are planning to come in. Sync schedules and sit together with a simple click of a button.

Configurable Workspaces

Your engineers need a different setup than your sales team. Craft the perfect environment using asset types.

Enterprise Integration

Zynq seamlessly integrates with many of your existing software including Office & Google Workspace. That means one click sign-ins and automatic real-time data synchronization.
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Actionable data at your fingertips

Zynq monitors every office visit, interaction and request and makes this available to you via a dashboard. Export this data to Excel, Sheets or your existing data service with the click of a button.

Pre-Configured Reports

Build reports and have them hit your inbox.

On-Demand Alerts

Get notified about what you deem important.

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Why do companies choose Zynq?

"Ease of use, 24/7 global support and simple admin dashboard. Training users on using the system was extremely easy and straightforward, the Zynq mobile apps are well developed and responsive."

Zsolt Bizderi

IT, Deciem

"Really great. They are so fast at responding to requests and fixing issues. They are a really lovely team to work with. Always improving the app and introducing new features."

Stacey Cracknell

Office Manager, MessageBird

"It's been a fantastic addition to our working life. We have received very positive feedback from staff around the use of this software."

Darren Purnell

Facilities, TeachFirst

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We’ve got answers. If you can’t find what you're looking for, feel free to get in touch.

What is Zynq?


Zynq is an all-in-one office management platform that features hot-desk booking, room reservations, visitor management and much more. Employees can login using SSO and book a desk on demand when they need to come to the office. You can enforce schedules, rules & safety protocols to ensure compliance with health guidelines & optimize your office to meet the dynamic needs of your employees.

How much does it cost?


Pricing depends on your company size and the features you need to get going. Schedule a demo so we can get to know your unique needs and generate a quote.

Does it work with my existing software?


Zynq is fully integrated with Microsoft & G Suite, and setup is quick and easy. There are many other integrations available including an API to help bridge the gap between your systems and ours.

Is it built for scale?


Zynq supports global, Fortune 50 customers across 6 continents as well as smaller companies. It is built to be enterprise-grade and scalable while still being easy to use and approachable to your employees.