Maximize office time

Encourage more time in the office by giving employees the tools to know when best to come in to collaborate, socialize or brainstorm.

Buddy Sync

Get notified when a close colleague books time in the office. Automatically sync your in-office schedule for team events, socials, or just serendipitous collaboration.

Neighborhoods & Zones

Setup floor plan neighborhoods for departments or teams. Control when employees can access the office or reserve desks to keep teams together. Zynq supports everything from permanently assigned seats to fully flexible workspaces.

Visitors & Guests

Zynq helps you schedule visitors into your office through a robust set of features including screenings, visitor IDs, host notifications, logs and much more.

Live Floorplans

Access live and interactive floor plans of the office. Find your colleagues' or team's on-site days to schedule your own. Plan ahead by accessing accurate floor plan views of the office on any future date.