Your office.
A click away.

Hot desking should be quick and intuitive. Zynq makes it easy and gives managers powerful controls to designate custom rules and neighborhoods.

The Perfect Spot for You

Sometimes, any old desk will do, but other times you need something more specific to get the job done. Zynq Intelligence offers employees the perfect suggestion for a spot based on their job role, work-mate proximity, and their preferences.

Real-Time View of the Office

Access live and interactive floorplans of the office. Take advantage of finding your colleagues and their hot desk schedules to plan your on-site days. Live floorplans can also be used in an emergency situation to see who is in the office at any given time.

Neighborhoods & Rules

Setup specific neighborhoods for certain departments or teams. Control when employees can access the office or reserve desks. Zynq supports everything from permanently assigned seating to fully flexible workplaces.

Sync with your Team

Forget the texts, emails and pings. Easily and quickly know when teammates and colleagues will be in the office and where, and plan your on-site days in advance. You can even be automatically notified when select colleagues book on-site days.